Textbook Publisher Pearson Takes Down 1.5 Million Teacher And Student Blogs With A Single DMCA Notice | Techdirt


How does a 2007 post of a 38-year questionnaire result in 1.5 million teachers losing their blogs? Simple: Pearson issues a DMCA notice and a hosting provider overreacts.

Okay, maybe not that simple, but there's a lesson to be learned. Teachers, if you're interested in sharing copyrighted content to students or colleagues over the web (and therefore a worldwide audience, beyond the assumed reach of academic fair use), then look out for copyright holders to issue takedown notices that may or may not result in unintended consequences. If you want to share freely and without worry, then seek out appropriately licensed material to begin with.

By the way, the author of the copyrighted work in question, Aaron T. Beck, is still around at the age of 91. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_T._Beck) I'd love to hear how he feels about Pearson shutting down the sharing of the work that made him famous!