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I don't and can't know all the details of what happened in this story, but it sounds to me like this girl belongs in college, not an expulsion program. Let's hope things work out for Kiera Wilmot, which could happen if enough adults around her gain some sense.

CU-Boulder student leaders push for return of 'reading days' before finals - Boulder Daily Camera


It was almost always the case that the week before finals was worse than finals week. Even as a graduate student, this week I have 3 papers due and a presentation. During finals week, just two papers.

mooc - Gsiemens on Diigo


I can't keep up with all the latest news about MOOCs. Thankfully, George Siemens does.

Should Teachers Count Off When Students Don’t Show Work? | StateImpact Indiana


Teachers are mis-interpreting the Common Core if they think it means students must show pre-formal strategies in their work even after they're proficient with formal mathematics, says Doug Clements. I agree. Having students show their work is important for building and interpreting their understanding, but once that's done it's just busy work. Move on.

Colquitt County teachers help study student interaction » Local News » Moultrie Observer


BREAKING: Newspaper surprised that letting kids talk to each other about what they're learning is helpful.

Bill loosening rules for Indiana school superintendents wins final legislative approval


Pending the governor's signature, Indiana is partially deregulating requirements for superintendents. Instead of requiring a teaching license and having completed graduate work in education administration, now superintendents are only required to have an unspecified master's degree.

Colorado House kills bill backing 4-year degrees at community colleges - The Denver Post


The argument about letting community colleges offer 4-year degrees leaves me thinking that the lengths of our education programs are too arbitrary to begin with. If I really wanted to shake up the community college system, or higher ed in general, I think it would be good to have more flexibility in degree lengths. The focus would switch more to the individual courses taken and skills acquired, and less on the degree itself. Is there a downside to this I'm not seeing?