Teachers' mistake results in zeros for Englewood students | 9news.com


There seem to be one or two of these stories every year: Somewhere a teacher or school misadmisters the state test and every student involved gets a score of zero, even though not a single person involved makes any claim that's a fair or accurate way to represent students' abilities.

Survey shows demand still outstrips supply for doctorates in math education | Inside Higher Ed


When you're preparing for a career, it's always welcome news that there are a substantial number of job openings available. Some of my colleagues in other educational fields aren't always so fortunate.

Students 4 Our Schools - Home


Students 4 Our Schools, a student-led, Colorado-based organization for students, is planning a walkout of state testing on Thursday and a gathering at the Colorado State Capitol. I'm asking my School and Society students: Do you support their efforts? Would you join them? What questions would you ask of them? What advice would you give? Is this the right way to effect change?

Not Every Parent Chases College Prestige - NYTimes.com


In School and Society we recently discussed not only the motivations to attend college, but the motivations to attend a particular college. This article discusses the importance (or lack thereof) of prestige from the parents' point of view. How important should prestige be to parents? To students? To future employers? What does prestige represent other than an ability to pay more (or get better scholarships)?