evangelizing the (digital) natives: What Alton Brown Taught Me About Education Technology


As someone with an interest in education technology and as a fan of Alton Brown, I like this message, particularly the bit about "unitasking." In fact, if Microsoft is smart about the marketing of Windows 8 and the Surface line of tablets (or similar devices from partners), they'll argue that one Surface does tablet and notebook functions well enough that you don't have to have separate devices (i.e., a MacBook and an iPad) that end up costing hundreds more and together are bulkier to carry. This also reflects my concern for Chromebooks - despite being capable of a lot of things, it's hard to imagine me making it through the day with a Chromebook without needing to use a standard notebook or desktop for the few things it can't do (or do well). That might not make a Chromebook a uni-tasker, but it still makes it an "extra" device with functionality I can find in a more powerful tool.