#1062; The Terrible Sea Lion


There have been many moments in the debate over Common Core where I have seen someone make a claim that is either untrue or unfounded. On occasion, I have been tempted to press people -- politely -- for explanations, in the hopes that they will admit the error in their claim, thinking, or belief. As most of us know, that's not usually how debates on the internet play out, and to that other person I'm little more than a typical internet troll. Well, maybe a little more: I'm a *sea lion*. The term comes from this Wondermark comic and it's become a meme all its own, with the verb "sea-lioning": http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/sea-lioning. I'm not exactly sure how to resolve differences on the internet, but I do not plan on making sea-lioning my primary tactic.