New York Legislature to Weigh Limiting Access to Teacher Rankings -

I'm thinking about two things from this article. First, Governor Cuomo is quoted as saying, "I believe in the case of teachers, the parents' right to know outweighs the teachers' right to privacy." Perhaps he's setting up a false dichotomy, but is there any constitutional right to knowing? I don't think so. Even so, "privacy" in this sense doesn't really align with the kinds of privacy named in the Constitution. The second thing I'm thinking about comes from Joe Williams, the executive director of Democrats for Education Reform: "The problem we're trying to solve is not is [sic] going to be solved by printing lists of teachers in the newspapers." Yes, he's using newspapers as the straw man in this argument, but there does seem to be a belief that printing teacher ratings in the news will make a real difference. To use a sports analogy, similar thinking would lead a person to think the Yankees win so many games because of the amount of media coverage they get, not because they outspend every other team in baseball.