CU proposes 15.7 percent tuition hike for in-state students next year - Boulder Daily Camera

Ugh. Not only is tuition going to make a big jump, I think the most worrisome part of the story was this: "CU system spokesman Ken McConnellogue said the school needs to change the way it charges tuition over the next few years to a structure that more accurately charges students for the classes they take. Administrators say they are essentially giving away classes for free by charging full-time students for only 11.25 students. By 2014-15, CU plans to charge full-time students for 15 credit hours a semester." The idea of "working your way through college" isn't sustainable under this plan. Not only is tuition getting more expensive, to qualify as a full time student you'll have to take more credit hours, meaning less time to work. Together, that means more and more debt.